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Toxic Assets

Bad Egg - Humpty Dumpty
Bad Egg or Humpty Dumpty
You have that employee that doesn't quite fit or is not quite up to performance standards. Some refer [...]
Happy Face - Always Right
Always Right
Do you have that "always right" never in doubt employee in your organization? We've all seen them, some [...]
Walkway Stroller / Cubicle Prairie Dog
Walkway Strollers (or Web Browsers)
Do you have a Walkway Stroller/Web Browser at your office? You may recognize the type: Characteristics: Highly mobile [...]
Blind Optimist
Blind Optimist
Do you have a Blind Optimist at work? The kind of person who sees good in everything, no [...]
Zealous Extremist
Zealous Extremist
Do you have a Zealous Extremist working for you? Characteristics: Strong personal values and life principles; completely passionate [...]
Emotional Moody
Emotional Moody
Do you have an "Emotional Moody" type person working for you? Almost every multiple employee organization today has [...]
Mini Napoleon in uniform
Mini Napoleon
Do you have a Mini Napoleon employee in your midst? Almost every organization has experienced some form or [...]
Verbal Caustic
The Verbal Caustic
Almost every organization has experienced some form or another of a Toxic Employee; someone who, whether consciously or [...]
Boss's Huge Ego
Ego Almighty
There are typically all sorts of various personalities working in an organization. In previous blogs we have reviewed [...]
Incessant Complainer
Incessant Complainers
Incessant Complainers. Do you have this type of employee in your organization? Characteristics: Non-stop complaining about the company, [...]
Crowd Pleaser
Crowd Pleasers
Crowd Pleasers - Is there one in your Employ? We've all seen them, some of us have worked with [...]
Drama Queen
Do You Have a Drama Queen/King?
Do you have a Drama Queen or King? You know the type... They like to make dust bunnies [...]

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